• Family Agius - iRobot Scooba
    Leading a busy life nowadays, especially with young kids, there was little time left where we could relax a bit. After considering this fantastic gadget the I Robot Scooba, we contacted Keith for a free demonstration and trial. Well after some good trials around the house we decided to go for one. The experience so far is great. It helped us both physically and I can say also mentally, because after a hard and tiring day at work and home, the least thing you would want to think of is to clean the floor. At least in the back of your mind you know that someone else will do the floor for you after clearing around. I enjoyed watching some soccer games while the Scooba went around. It's also incredible how many more things you can fit in a day while this gadget cleans for you. Preparing or tiding up other areas, enjoyed a walk or even shopping around. Charging is also impressively good and quick, cleaning was never so relaxing and fun!
  • Mr Josef Attard - iRobot Scooba 390
    Hi Keith, thanks for your delivery of the Scooba 390 iRobot. I highly recommend this gadget for those who want an automated mob and which does the job better than a man using a mob. It cleans effectively and requires minimal effort to maintain and operate. For best results, I would recommend sweeping the floor first prior using it.
  • Mrs Livia Montesin
    Thanks for the Roomba, it is doing all the work for me while im at work or out. It works all the time in the house, as u have seen with my dog's hair. At least im always clean thanks to roomba. I highly recommend it. Roomba became part of my life now, proset and keep up the good products, and for giving your customers to see by themselves how the irobot works. Well done and many thanks for changing my life
  • Mr Kyle Beeston -
    Working with Keith was pleasurable. Advice was always given and my concerns were answered within minutes. I definitely recommend services for professionalism and value for money!! Thanks Keith
  • Family Micallef - iRobot Roomba
    We have contacted KCutajar IT Services for some info about the iRobot Roomba. They were very helpful and offerred to come at our home and give us a demonstration. We have a large breed dog and were a bit sceptic at first because it sheds a lot of hair around the house. Mr. Cutajar gave us a thorough demonstration and the information he provided was very well detailed. He gave us the opportunity to try the product for a whole day. We gave it some good work around the house during that day, and were so satisfied with the final results that when Mr. Cutajar came again the following day we ordered one straight away. A few months have passed now, and there wasn’t a day in which we did not use the iRobot. It’s undoubtedly the thing we needed.
    Thank you very much for the great service you provided Mr. Cutajar. You were very helpful and truly professional.
  • Mr & Mrs Barbara - iRobot Roomba and Scooba owners
    I have contacted KCutajar IT Services and Imports by email to enquire on the iRobots and they replied immediately (both by email as well as over the phone) and the information they provided was well detailed and very helpful in order to take a good decision. Before buying the products, Mr. Cutajar also offered us to first try the product before taking a final decision. I found this policy very consumer friendly since the consumer is given the chance to try the product before taking such an expensive decision. When finally we decided to buy the products, Mr. Cutajar came himself with the products and showed us how they work.
    All in all, I found Mr. Cutajar very professional and helpful. And I would recommend him to others (as I already did).
  • Sophie - Singer/Songwriter @Thru The Mill Ltd
    Highly recommend KCutajar IT Services - boundless energy, always finds extra ways to get things done, highly supportive, enthusiastic and comes up with amazingly innovative ideas for web design and updates. His work on my website has been outstanding. In fact I am very proud to say that '' was instrumental in booking my 32 live UK gigs in 2012. Thank-you Keith xoxo
  • Mr Jonathan Tonna | J&N imports
    Agents for Foerch tools & consumables Germany

    In 2012 J&N Imports decided to build a completly new Product-Selling brochure of its vast range of products, we imedietly knew that this is no easy task taking into consderation not only the amount of products but also the quality of this catalogue which had to match if not exceed the catalogue’s used in other contries where Foerch has representation including Germany, Italy, England, France, Spain and Portugal just to name a few, so choosing the right people to create this catalogue was crucial. After having met up with different companies we decided to entrust KCutajar IT Services which started working with us on our Product-Selling brochure. We were extremely satisfied on the way they designed the brochure, and also how they studied our line-of-business. They went through almost every stock item and made it their utmost to market our products in the best way possible. They also made it very simple for us to update or include new items in this same brochure, thus understanding our financial needs as well.

    The verdict is that we simply exceeded our own expectations and we definitely recommend their services and will definitely re-call back when our future IT needs arise.
  • Mr Ronald Debattista | Mirabelle Enterprises
    kcutajar IT Services and Imports assisted Mirabelle Enterprises in several occassions. They were efficient, hard-working and always having a solution to every problem at hand. We did a very good cost-saving exercise by engaging their services. Mirabelle Enterprises definitely recommends kcutajar IT Services and Imports!


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